Portland Office:
Blue Key Property Management Inc
8885 SW Canyon Road, Ste 115
Portland, OR 97225
Phone: (503) 505-6461
Vancouver Office:
Blue Key Property Management Inc
7017 NE Highway 99, Ste 216
Vancouver, WA 98665
Phone: (360) 524-4994

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a rental?
The fastest and easiest way to apply is on our website by clicking the "Apply Now" link on each rental home listing. You can also download an property rental application. Or fill out our online house rental application. An application fee must be paid in advance for each tenant over the age of 18.
How long will it take to process my application?
Most applications take 24 to 48 hours for our professional screening company to verify employment, income, rental history, credit and to do a criminal background check.
Will you hold the property for me?
We understand, here at Blue Key Property Management, that when you find a property you really like, you want to hold it. In order to hold the property for you, we require the following:

1. Submit an application
2. Pay the application fee
3. Pay the security deposit
4. Review and sign a contingent lease

The contingency lease is a binding contract that legally obligates you to the property unless your application is denied. You will have three (3) business days to provide all documentation and we have three (3) business days to let you know if you are approved or not.
When is rent late? How much are late fees?
Rent is considered late on the 6th day of the month. Mailed in payments will not be late if they are post-marked by the 5th of the month. Late fees will be detailed in your lease. Late fees are $50 the first day and $10 every day thereafter. If you are going to be late, please contact service@bluekeypm.com immediately. Otherwise, Blue Key is required to begin multiple actions to collect rent.
How many keys do I get?
Blue Key Property Management will provide one key for each adult that wants one. All keys must be surrendered should you decide to move out.
How do I get help with a maintenance issue?
The fastest way to submit a rental property maintenance request is online. Please refer to our maintenance FAQ and videos before submitting a maintenance request.
What do I do in an emergency where there is a physical property threat?
You should immediately call our 24 hour emergency line at 360-524-4994 for property emergencies that include active water flooding or anything that you believe could be dangerous to your health that can't wait until the following business day.
What am I responsible for maintaining?
Tenants are responsible for maintaining furnace filters, smoke detector batteries and light bulbs that are easily reached. Some properties may require yard maintenance as well. Please refer to your individual lease agreement.
Can I pay rent online? What about credit cards, or cash?
You can pay rent online for free. We also accept checks or cash. Credit cards are not acceptable.
Can I deduct the security deposit from the last months rent?
No. Your security deposit cannot be used in place of rent. If you do this you can be held liable for several other charges including late fees.
Can I paint the house or make any other modifications myself?
No, you need prior approval. If you make modifications without prior approval, you will be held liable for the cost to change it back. Most of our home owners will only allow licensed, bonded and insured contractors to make repairs to their property. There are some exceptions, so please call with any of your questions.

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